Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Virtual Alarm System (VAS) is a 24/7 security system that connect to your car using your smartphone.


  • The system provides visibility of your car wherever you are at any time.
  • It provides various security alerts even when you are away from your car.
  • VAS greatly reduces the chances of car theft by sending out alerts to your smartphone instantly when someone tampers with your car.

VAS allows remotely shut down car engine (immobilise) before the actual theft takes place.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a tracking system that connect to your car and provides information such as the location and time of your car.


  • The system records real-time location data of your car, which is then stored in the server for your own access and reference.
  • GPS gives you information of speed and mileage.
  • GPS also greatly increases the chances of recovering your car in the event of theft.

Immobiliser is one of the feature available in Smart Fleet. It allows the user to remotely shut down the engine with mobile apps. For example, in the event of a car theft, the user should activate the immobiliser immediately to prevent the car thief from driving away the car.


NOTE: Installing the Immobiliser requires additional re-routing of wiring during installation.

We recommend that the immobiliser only be installed in vehicles which are past the warranty period since the installation process involves minor re-routing and alteration of the original factory installed wiring, which would cause the original warranty to become null and void.

Yes, you may also access the data using a computer. However, reports can only be generated through a computer.

The device still records data for Virtual Alarm System (VAS) whenever there is GSM coverage for the SIM card even in basement car parks. While the Global Positioning System (GPS) will show you the location before you enter the basement car park and continue its tracking when you exit the car park.

The location information is retrieve every 15 seconds and all the devices are calibrated for ±30 meters variance from the actual location which sometimes may be the cause of slight inaccuracy.

Your vehicle ignition status information will update on Orbitron mobile app when your vehicle is in use. Furthermore, ignition status are able in notification settings.

You may contact local authority and track your car immediately and stop the car remotely by using the mobile app, immobiliser (if any) before your car is driven away by the car thief.

Process Information

Yes, you may call our customer service for enquiry.

Our app is available for download in Playstore for Android and Appstore for iOS user.

After your subscription, our installation team will make an appointment with you to arrange for on-site installation. It will take approximately 30 minutes for the installation process subject to vehicle type.

Yes, the device has been made to fit all vehicles.

The device will be installed in a hidden location somewhere inside the vehicle and it will not be visible to anyone.

No, the installation is simple and the process involves minimum interference to the vehicle. The devices are manufactured to stringent controls and are automotive certified.

No, the device will not drain the vehicle battery even when your car ignition is turned off. The device is designed for ultra-low power consumption.

No, it will not cause any problem to the device. However, you may ignore the notification alerts during the car repair or when the battery is being removed.

Orbitron provides lifetime warranty for the device throughout the duration of subscription, except in the event of damage due to misuse, tampering, or unauthorised interference and alteration by third parties, in which case a replacement device will be provided at a fee of RM300.

T&C applied.

No. Upon subscription, an ONE-TIME basic installation and activation fees has been included.


However, If you opt for the installation to be carried out at a location of your choice, callout charges will be applied as follows:


Callout installation within 20km radius: RM50.00

Please contact our customer service in the event of changing vehicle. An additional dismantle & installation fee of RM150.00 will be charged per vehicle.

Our device comes with tracking system, i.e. Global Positioning System (GPS). In the event of car theft, you may immediately stop the car remotely using the mobile app, immobilizer if any. Follow by reporting to the nearest police station and provide the car location information for the investigating officer.

Please call our customer service to arrange for termination and device uninstallation. In the event of termination, your platform will cease to function.

Please be advised that the subscription is ONE-year basis; therefore there will be no refund upon termination before the requisite ONE year is up.

This device is owned by Orbitron. In the event the device is no longer being used, we request that the device be returned to us forthwith. The device should only be uninstalled by our authorised installation centre. You may contact our customer service for further enquiry.

It will take about 20-30 minutes for the removal of the device from your vehicle. However, the removal time may vary for every vehicle.

We care about your privacy. All data collected is used in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and will be kept strictly confidential. Orbitron provides a self-monitoring security system that allows you to access your own data and will not be revealed to a third party, unless you request for the data to be forwarded to any party, or in the event of any legal proceedings which require said data to be disclosed to the Court for adjudication.

Mobile App Information

Yes, you can. We provides multiple login for each account.

Our customer service operates from Mon – Fri (9.30am – 5.30pm) for technical assistance only.

Yes, you may access the mobile app on more than one smart device with your login details.

You may see all your cars within the same system using the same login details. However, you will also be able to separate your cars into different systems using different login details.

Yes. The system will send out notification or call alert to the user when there is any interruption of power connection in the car.

Usually the event occur when you drived into a place without GSM coverage, for example a basement car park. However the system will notify as OFFLINE when continue without having GSM signal.