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Platform UIUX

The most interactive & intuitive UIUX on the market with constant improvement on the software. Besides, our platform also provide scalability, stability & security.

Industry 4.0

Introduce Internet of Thing (IoT) into the industries, connecting all the components into cloud for remote and instant managing from anywhere and anytime.

Smart Assets

Assets integrity and visibility is our utmost priority. Equipped your assets with intelligent and get full control of its activity just by using smartphone.

Data Science

Data is just junk without proper management. Whereas we provide good analytical tools to turns junk into useful information. 


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Our Solutions

Advanced Fleet Management Solution in Malaysia

Our Solutions

Smart Fleet


We provide high-end fleet management solution for easy monitoring from small enterprise to large scale logistic fleet. 

Our GPS tracking platform provides practical data analytic in real-time basis, enable you to optimise fleet productivity and reduce operation cost at the same time.

Personal Car


An overall security enhancement that virtually connects your car via smartphone.

The system provides 24 hours security alert for your vehicle wherever you are.

Smart Assets


The security electronic seal enables manufacturer, logistic & assets owner actively monitor the journey and integrity of the assets along the supply chain.



With our dedicated software developer team, we provide platform optimisation and upgrades for our clients based on their needs.


We are knowledgable about making benefits higher. We believe good after sales service is the key to long term business relationship. We strive to improve your business by solving problem and providing innovative solutions.

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